Starch hydrolysis – nutritive syrups and powders

Using advanced enzymatic starch conversion technologies followed by modern separation and purification processes and blending practices provide today a manifold of nutritive syrups and powders offering a wide range of carbohydrate functionalities. High fructose syrups and glucose syrups comprising high dextrose and high maltose syrups, available also in their dried or pure crystalline forms, cover a wide range of food, pharmaceutical and technical applications. Beyond controlled sweetness starch saccharification products provide a diversity of physical properties such as viscosity, reducing sugar content, osmotic pressure, crystallisation retardation, gloss, humectancy, consistency and many others.

Radeloff, M.A.; Beck, R.H.F. (2014): Starch hydrolysis – nutritive syrups and powders. Sugar Industry 139 (4), 222-227


Dr Radeloff is an internationally experienced carbohydrate chemist from Hamburg University specialised in the field of industrial business to business markets.

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