Developing the Essential Food Ingredients for the Future

The food ingredient industries in the 21st Century continue to face new dynamics of operation. This article looks at some of the challenges that have been met over recent years and the ways in which companies have adapted their business models to succeed in these environments. Across a range of ingredient manufacturers from dairy, flavours and colours, starch and sugar the approaches have developed to refocus their offerings in terms of lateral product range development, service enhancement and reaching out to new and different markets.

The demands for ever more sophisticated consumer products combined with a changing regulatory and raw material supply environment, have ensured that flexibility of response is the key tool to be used here.

Going forward the industry will use the benefit of this diversity of experience to succeed.

Lloyd, D.R.J.; Radeloff, M.A. (2015): Developing the essential food ingredients for the future. Sugar Industry 140 (4), 204-208


Dr Radeloff is an internationally experienced carbohydrate chemist from Hamburg University specialised in the field of industrial business to business markets.

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