“Clean label” – Starches and their functional diversity

Modern starch milling technologies not only produce the common native starches from corn, wheat, potato and cassava but also can extend the range of commercially available starches by native starch specialities such as waxy and high amylose varieties of corn, potato, pea and rice starch. The diversity of these native starch functionalities can be extended by physical and enzymatic starch modification techniques. This extended range of clean label functional native starches is successively replacing E-number coded chemically modified food starch additives from the ingredient list of modern convenience and processed foods.

Radeloff, M.A.; Beck, R.H.F. (2016): Clean label – starches and their functional diversity. Sugar Industry 141 (4), 209-215


Dr Radeloff is an internationally experienced carbohydrate chemist from Hamburg University specialised in the field of industrial business to business markets.

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