Chemical modification of starch


Chemical starch modification is standardising and extending the functionality of native starches by either modifying the starch backbone itself, by acid-thinning, oxidation or dextrinisation, or by introducing substituents to form esters and ethers.

These modified starches are meeting a worldwide growing market for sustainable products of highly reproducible performance characteristics. Different industrial processes carried out in slurry, semi-dry or dry state and run in batch or continuous mode are available to satisfy the needs for a wide product range from washed specialities to bulk industrial standard products.

Radeloff, M.A.; Beck, R.H.F. (2012): Principles of industrial scale chemical starch modification. Sugar Industry 137 (4), 222-226


Dr Radeloff is an internationally experienced carbohydrate chemist from Hamburg University specialised in the field of industrial business to business markets.

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