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Starch hydrolysis – nutritive syrups and powders

Using advanced enzymatic starch conversion technologies followed by modern separation and purification processes and blending practices provide today a manifold of nutritive syrups and powders offering a wide range of carbohydrate functionalities.

New Starch Training Course – Detmold

For the first time AGF Detmold is establishing a training course on starch especially for young professionals working in the field of starch and its applications. The seminar is entitled „ Developing a deeper insight...

Polyols – more than sweeteners

Polyols have become a valuable “natural” ingredient in a wide range of applications in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical and technical industry.

Chemical modification of starch

  Chemical starch modification is standardising and extending the functionality of native starches by either modifying the starch backbone itself, by acid-thinning, oxidation or dextrinisation, or by introducing substituents to form esters and ethers.

In depth starch courses

To complement the existing Introduction to Starch Technology course, our team of specialists are currently developing a range of course material to enable the more detailed study of different aspects of the starch industry.