About Us

CEO and Founder

Dr Michael Radeloff

Dr Radeloff is an internationally experienced carbohydrate chemist from Hamburg University specialised in the field of industrial business to business markets.

His focus extends from addressing client product development strategies, analysing market opportunities through to a practical, detailed technical product application assessment.

As a well established consultant he works across the full spectrum of renewable agricultural raw materials and the production of derivatives in a broad range of different application areas.

He also creates in house training programmes meeting customer requirements such as regulatory, quality assurance or sustainability issues working with a proven global network of experts in the field.

Based in Berlin Michael Radeloff actively works with clients across Europe, Asia and North America on both short and long term projects.

Major Project work across global industries:

  • Bioplastics
  • Organic starch food ingredients
  • Adhesives in Paper Processing
  • Pharmaceutical dextrose
  • World mannitol markets
  • Serving the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Oil Field chemicals


Denbigh Lloyd is a highly experienced marketing specialist with many years ‘hands on’ experience of planning and managing many different varieties of business development, marketing campaigns and internal communication change management activities.

In addition to his specialist marketing skills and knowledge he also brings a wider business management experience in channels including customer magazines, press advertising, building partnerships as well as leading product development and market research programmes.